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Hi All, I wanted to share another feature of the site. I think it's a cool idea, but can see how it might be a bit "controversial" and wanted to get your thoughts.

When ring shopping for my wife, I really really wanted it to be a surprise. I thought I was all set because she previously mentioned that she loved radiant diamonds, but after going to the jewelers and seeing all the variations in radiant cuts and settings, I finally gave in and asked her to be involved. I still managed to make the actual engagement day a surprise (which wasn't easy with her knowing it was coming), but it turned out a bit different than I initially imagined.

After researching, I found that this happens to nearly 70% of men, and they end up involving their significant others in some way when shopping for a ring.

This inspired me to build a feature of the site and it is currently called the "Secret Ring Registry". Basically, a user would select up to 3 rings photos that they really like, and add a little snippet about what they like about each of the photos (e.g. "I love the setting, but in yellow gold").

From there, they can give someone access to this registry (by entering their email address or facebook connection), but NO notification is sent to the user given access whatsoever. The only way this person will know about this is if they visit mysparkly and check to see if their significant other built a ring registry. If their information matches up, they will see the registry that was specially made for them.

The ultimate hope is that the recipient will be able to get exactly what they want, all while preserving the surprise. There are obviously some hurdles (e.g. the guy needs to know to check mysparkly to see if a registry exists), but I'd really love to hear your feedback about the idea.

-Is it a cool idea? -What are you concerns/hesitations -Is there anything that can be done to alleviate your concerns -Is there a better name than secret ring registry?

Feel free to reply here or PM me direction. Thanks so much everyone :).


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