This showed up on the front driver side of my M3. Not water spots - not sure what it is. Any ideas?

Yes sir! it was the cleanest piece of clay fresh out of the plastic wrapper. car was clean, sprayed quick detailer until it was dripping, gave it a few strokes and I went OHHHHHHHSHIIIIITWTFFF lolol.

I don't mind it too much since there's a 8 inch scratch vertically next to it from service replacing my windshield. Gonna get the car wrapped eventually in some satin black.

Just kinda curious and worried if anyone ran into this, maybe it was user error. I don't think there's any clearcoat left on my car from me wiping it down with chem guys washless spray so many times. lol

I was worried about the paint after reading into all these guys dropping g's on PFM and ceramic waxes. I did originally order an ophsidian black but was unavail. So I settled with regular black, and at this point my attitude towards it is who cares. I hope it actually does get worn faster so I can repaint it anything I want lol. Swirls??? Hell yeah welcome anytime, oh a new scratch?? hell yeah -3 days toward that new candy paint job lol..

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