Shower thought: Janelle wouldn’t be that bad (more likable) if she stayed single and sober. Thoughts?

I've always thought of the alternate universe Jenelle.

I imagine that she lived with her mom, worked, and finished her college degree in film editing. She got an amazing job with MTV (because connections) and, when she isn't filming for TM, she's working. Her and Jace moved out of Barb's house, but she found a house in the same neighborhood or a few streets over and they all have a close, healthy relationship.

Jace stays with Barb once every other week or so, while Jenelle goes on dates to find a guy (takes her time, waits to introduce Jace, doesn't rush) and she finally met someone up to her standards. Its alternate universe Kieffer. He has an amazing job, not on drugs, loves Jace like his own and they are all so happy together. They all go to Barb's house every Saturday night for BBQs and wine.

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