Shower Thought: Republicans are NPCs.

I am not going to say "Republicans are NPCs" vs democrats not being NPC's.

But look at Trump's speeches. Look at how a third of the country just...kept magically forgetting that he contradicted himself 2 days earlier in a different speech.Looking back on it...that was just the final act of the simulation before the players became aware of it. It was a sign that the "laws of the story" have been broken irreparably. Trump truly is\was the swan song.

I'm bitter. Mostly, because I ended up getting really addicted to gaming just before college, and really damaged my life on it. That could be ironic. I am very worried that is being selected for as some weird joke. Or I was just tangled along until I became "trueman" or something.

I'm also annoyed because I successfully caught that every time I did something "crazy"...something "crazy" happened in response in a way that didn't always make sense. I then became basically addicted to doing crazy things. I then more or less "proved" I was a character in a simulation, and sortof ruined my life in the process. But at least...I got proof. I mean I guess it makes sense. The only way to prove you are a character in a story is by totally breaking the laws of the story. You will have to stop because you will eventually be thrown in prison if you keep testing the program.

I also know that, after contemplating philosophy, physics, and how it all happens...that Eternal Return is true. My life has been subpar...mostly due to faulty wiring. This is a 20th-21st century eternal reincarnation loop. I'm a bit annoyed in a sense...I guess that whatever made me min-maxed me. My life is freaky.

"What Dreams May Come". I am attempting to make this dream/act a better run.

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