Shower thoughts after my first match

Hey, here's the listing of everything:

  • 1- Model 32 Competition Belt

  • 1- Model 30 Competition Inner belt

  • 2- Model 774 Rifle Mag Holders (fits AR mags)

  • 3- Model 773 Open Top Pistol Mag Holders (fits double stack 9's, Glock, M&P)

  • 2 - Taccom 4 Up Shotshell Holders

  • 1 - QLS fork and plate for attaching any compatible holster

  • 1 - Baggie of extra screws, nuts, allen keys, etc.

All pouches are fitted with ELS forks. Items are gently used, but in good to excellent condition. The pouches barely have a mark on them - can't even tell they're used. The outer belt doesn't have a size label on it, but it would probably fit anyone who wears pants 36-42 (or it would go down to as low as size 33 by simply removing 1-2 ELS plates). Inner belt is labeled 33-44.

The total package cost me about $350 when new. Here's a screenshot of the same gear list loaded up in my cart at Safariland: . Cart comes to $305 plus another $40ish for the two Taccom shotshell caddies.

I would sell the whole thing for $195 shipped to your door which is about 45% off.

FYI I have this listed in a couple spots and have sent the same message to a couple dudes, so it's on a first come, first served basis.

Finally, here are some photos of the actual kit. Obviously, magazines are not included - only the belt rig and associated pouches.

Laid out:


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