[Showerthoughts] Anti-GG is a Pyramid Scheme of misinformation. A few players at the top who reap high benefits. Media who fail to factcheck or interview other sides for outrage ad revenue. SJWs supporting the above for their movement. Finally their friends at the bottom, who believe their friend.

Gamer have been aware of the sub-par writing in games for years long before the perpetually outrage, point and shame crowd came along

She even says in her video that it's not wrong to like these games and enjoy them. There are extreme groups within feminism (who probably tagged along because her videos got visibility) but her videos are extremely tame.

Because she misrepresents games she doesn't play to push a point and posits unsubstantiated claims about the effects fictional media have on people. And then her dumb-ass followers misinterpret people picking her crap apart as being against diversity. She's also the literal sock puppet of a privileged white guy, which is rich considering her fans love to talk shit about privileged white guys... even other privileged white guys.

I haven't played all the games she shows her videos but the overall point (that female characters tend to have less diversity and agency) seems true from what I have played (since NES times, and everything from consoles/handhelds to PC games, and most genres except visual novels/dating game and something extremely obscure). I don't know about her followers or sock-puppetry, I just haven't invested that much on that topic but when you get a group of people you tend to get some extreme factions (see also all the trolling from the GG side).

Being opposed to Anita does not mean equate to being opposed to diversity. You're assuming everyone's interest in gamergate is exclusively on journalistic ethics, some people here including me were active in atheist circles years ago and have seen this dance before and stuck around because it was the biggest pushback these "progressive" types have faced.

I meant that GG tends to talk about them (SJW) wanting to destroy their games when the message (from my point of view) seems to be more along the lines of more diversity would be good. I'm an atheist and I don't really know what you mean with it was the biggest pushback these "progressive" types have faced.

I don't buy the Hollywood aping AAA games or 2deep4u indies, and I almost exclusively play Japanese games, so on that front there's not much I can do since I'm not funding the shitty practices of big publishers to begin with.

Well, they (AAA publisher/developer) seem to aggressively go for known annualized franchises and the indie scene has grown and expanded into more strange/different/borderline non games. Some sort of diversity is happening, it's just not in the too traditional genres (although there are some nice kickstarter RPGs and other games).

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