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  • March Comes in Like A Lion (2016) Deals with a pro shogi player (Shogi is like chess though there are a few differences) dealing with depression and overcoming it. This one is another favorite but it’s a slower anime so just be open to the fact. It also has some wonderful side characters and can be quite funny at times. The shogi scenes are also really good even if you don’t know the rules since the focus is on the psychological battle between the two characters and Shaft really did a lot of great work on the imagery. (Crunchyroll/VRV, Netflix)

3-Gatsu No Lion S2 OP

  • Cowboy Bebop (1998) An action space series with animation that holds up amazing well today. It also had one of the best endings in anime in my opinion. Episodic mostly with a few overarching plot lines. One of the more well-regarded anime out there and one of my favorites. There is some pretty good humor as well. It’s basically a space Western if you have seen Firefly it’s somewhat of like that. (recommend the dub as a sub watcher) (Funimation/Hulu)

Cowboy Bebop OP

  • Monster (2004) Kenzo Tenma A Japanese surgeon living in Germany life changes drastically as he gets involved with an incredibly dangerous man known as Johan Liebert. (going to have to sail the seas)

Monster OP

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