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Alright, /u/jackfrost2324 started a discussion about film, in the sense of film as an artistic visual medium, and now I want to talk about movies. You know, the fun kind that you go to watch in the theaters with an oversized soda and a big bucket of buttery popcorn. (Or, if you're like my mother, frozen chocolate-covered cheesecakes on a stick snuck into the theater in via tin foil and purse)

I was originally going to define "movies" in this particular thread as the fun kind that don't necessarily change your life, but as I was typing that I realized it was completely untrue. Star Wars, while maybe not high art, has made such a fantastically huge impact on me. I'm talking the original trilogy, based on Joseph Campbell's monomyth, where the Jedi were the remnants of a long gone and ancient tradition and where the Empire was fucking the Rebellion left and right; the original trilogy, pre-midichlorans, pre-Jedi wankery, and pre-Jar Jar Binks. Those movies are so ridiculously exciting that I still get, all these years later, heart palpitations when Luke and Vader confront each other directly for the first time in The Empire Strikes Back. I will digress too to say that the best thing that could've happened to the franchise is George Lucas losing creative control over it, because the man's got ideas coming out the wazoo but he really needs someone to reign it all in a bit. I am of course looking forward to the sequels. (Especially where Rian Johnson is confirmed; that man makes some motherfucking movies)

Anyways, I want to talk movies. Fun, exciting, sometimes bold, sometimes (often times) formulaic movies. Obviously the line between "film" and "movie" is pretty blurry, but there is a pretty distinct difference between Guardians of the Galaxy and Un Chien Andalou, and whereas in the other thread we'd discuss the latter, here I want to talk the former.

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