Shrooms and acid changed my political views

Well Hong Kong looked less and less Chinese as the British kept moving in. But hey that was ok cause they had technology to bring them.. i mean Opium. Look. Even Europe is still majority white. In Ottawa we have about under 1 million people. We have our own little white nationalist movement here. Do you know how many people out of the 900 000 are white? 700 000. Muslim? 32 000. Black? 49 000. There are not "too many immigrants" they are just there. They are being seen, in a sea of white people mind you; and people lose their shit now. Now let's fly on over to Londontown and see the Demographic there. I see a total of about 4.5 million White people. Cannot find exact numbers from recent calculations, but 58% of London is white. 1% is Muslim. 18% Asian. 13% Black. You are the majority in your country. This is not an issue of safety or politics. It is about personal issues, views and personal comfort around other ethnicity. Since the 1800s when even more people were mostly white, people held the same views and the same beliefs. I do understand the homogeneity-preaching view, it would make sense in the ancient world but we are way past that now. Heck, i watch ThuleanPerspective sometimes. I have an understanding, but i do not have sympathy for anyone in this movement.

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