Sick of their Victim Mentality

Yes, absolutely! I was passively-aggressively chastised by my narcissist spouse for not taking care of him enough when he's sick. He faked (hand to God) having Covid for over a week in spite of 2 negative tests and no symptoms that I could see as his 24/7 caretaker. I had to take him to the doctor with a newborn baby cuz he bumped his head. His health anxiety and "needs" are through the roof. But this same person would not pee on me if I was on fire and has shown almost no care and concern for me, healthy or sick. He's building his very false narrative that I'm a mean, uncaring b;?!&$(h cuz he thinks I still actually care what he thinks or knows that I'm on my way out the door and is starting the smear campaign now. I don't care anymore. But yes, they know what they're doing and will try to turn the tables on ya any chance they get.

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