Side eye with a tongue out for good measure.

The Marines could NOT have a banana as their mascot. You were probably not sensibly bred. Going out of your way to say something bad to people you dont know is btch behavior. Doesnt matter that it wasnt "that bad" . Still rude for no reason. Uneducated making assumptions and being hateful. Maybe to an old lady or kid.

Bulldogs like marines have a big chest. They both were bred to bite and not let go. They are both loyal, obedient, and protectful. They are mostly docile now but were bred with short muzzle and over bite to attack bulls ankles. Hence the name. Hence well bred. Why do you think a bulldog cost thousands of dollars and your dog cost 100? Breeding And bulldogs compete with the big boys.. Mine weighs 80lbs with a head like a basketball.. My dog could drag you holding any small breed you choose

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