Sidebar-by-Sidebar: "Take it from the top!"

We have discovered (the other) wisdom!

My sense of purposiveness, here, is to "re-cruxify" this subreddit & at once de-/re-construct the sidebar, in particular.

This account of my birth has no other 'radical Christian' creed than this. To re-cruxify is to enact a brand new contextualization of sorts, a special kind of redoing it.

I am proposing some themes, below:

  • Amazing Grace - a 'radical re-dux'.

Do you see? Do you understand?

Vuja de!

That's gorgeous.

'How sweet the sound...'

This thread is for a certain sounding off of the alarms. We have become lazy - that's fine. But it's work, too, to implement what we have together learned thus far.

  • Talent & ability

Roughly, it is to "...take it from the top!" (again).

We have had many wonderful musical threads lately -- perhaps our group is, if not for /r/radicalfellowship, here in the capacity of... a kind of musical ensemble?

Haven't we buried our 'bad' habits & talents in the sand? Which sort of musicality "deserves" to be identified as 'radically Christian'?

Further discussions on our 'Badness': faith, taste, judgment, etc.

Is this thread not about a 'sampling' of our musical sense?

  • Growth/decay

  • Travel Writing

What is so 'radical' about Christianity, anyhow? It goes... places??

Are we not now "moving stuff" in the way of... travel writers?

More on this in a bit.

  • The word "capacity", in all of its senses.

Of what are we now capable? What content do you want, here?

On the awareness of 'capacities'.


  • Side-by-side

Currently listening to this

I have delimited my focus to what little I actually know of this place, through careful observation: that "who we are" as a group is no longer (if it was ever) what is still depicted on our sidebar. Where do we go now that we go nowhere?

We must go ...sideways! We need to take a stand, B-side... who? Ourselves!

Who, exactly, stands where?

Why focus afresh upon the sidebar? Why, that's the advertising!

  • Musicality

Or, better yet, if the sidebar were an A-side of a wonderful album, we are now in the midst of doing the work of the more challenging B-side.

Musicality is one area which pertains to ability and disability.

We have perhaps grown in our abilities. Indeed, we have developed in some way -- but alas, what is "progress", that we have not encountered our collective inability as 'radical Christians'?

  • On "naturalness". What comes naturally to 'radical Christians', in spite of our critiques of 'naturalism'?

  • Against academic jargon.

Aesthetic Education

"Critical X Studies"

It's ego stuff, at this place. So, here is "sidebar-by-sidebar" thread, for your daydreaming & musings! What will the 'second' /r/radicalChristianity look like?

(This is very much a work in progress).

/r/RadicalChristianity Thread