Sign posted near homeless encampment

This room wasn't just dirty. It was an actual health risk. There was also literally no where for the children to sleep. I don't know if they were expected to sleep on the food and trash but that's how covered their beds were. Everything. Was. Covered. In. Trash. That is absolutely not okay for a child to live in. We can empathize with the mother and want to provide a clean, safe environment for children. No one was calling CPS on this family. No one was at risk of losing their kids over it.

And everyone was fully aware of when the inspections would take place and it was literally just to make sure that no rooms got to that extent again. I never saw anything like that after that incident. Yeah, it absolutely, 100% sucks. I'm no longer there and not sure how it's going anymore.

Yeah, it made me gag, but I was in so much disbelief at how bad it was that I was more concerned about their living conditions than anything. I can't imagine living through that kind of crisis and I am not going to judge a parent for doing what they can.

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