Signs posted in Toronto urge white people to act against multiculturalism

If you're a proud Canadian that's a different connotation than being proud to be white.

I'm not sure if you meant to convey that it's a more politically correct way to say the same thing. It's an an entirely different denotation. You can't use the two interchangeably.

To be politically correct, I'm supposed to pick a side of my white family tree and say that I'm a proud French Canadian, or a proud German Canadian. That would just be ridiculous because I'm neither in actual practice. I'm an English speaking, white Canadian. I'm not African Canadian. I'm not Asian Canadian.

26 generations ago my family came to Canada. That family line is still here, and we're as Canadian as you can possibly be. I'm disgusted that policies like multiculturalism have done nothing but dilute our shared heritage. It's the opposite of integration, and it leads to towns like my home town that originally had distinct cultural ghettos.

It takes hundreds of years to dismantle those ghettos and to this day there's still discrimination going on because of it.

In another hundred years, you can forget about Canadian heritage. It won't mean anything because we'll be nothing but a collection of cultural ghettos. There's no such thing as the Canadian crucible. There's no melting going on.

That's the end game of multiculturalism instead of a policy that aims for integration, and puts the needs of our citizens over the needs of non-citizens.

It's one thing to be tolerant and accepting of other cultures. It's quite another thing to let them run over your own culture.

It's ironic because we're doing to ourselves what we did to the natives.

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