Siiberian HuskyMy brother says im a bad owner and have stolen my dogs individuality because I chiped, cow belled and padlock him on his lead if im not around "because my BROTHER let him loose many times and NOT helped me look for him" How am i a bad owner?

Ah. You know that’s no life for a dog. It should be sniffing around when you aren’t home.. ideally hunting for treats you’ve hidden for him so he can act out some natural instincts.
Being locked up isn’t natural.

You have to find the time to train your dog not to run away.
It can be done. I’ve trained dogs to close doors, count, not pass imaginary lines I draw in the air at their eye level. I can point and mark out areas they can and can’t go. I taught them hand and verbal signals. It just takes time. But it’s worth it. I’ve loved my dogs but I hate untrained yappy, jumping dogs that bolt.
Find a class, read some books.
Even that Dog Whisperer Fella is a better option on YouTube than doing nothing.

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