Sikh separatists in Canada drawing ire from popular Indian magazine ahead of Trudeau visit

India = Hindustan = Bharat. None of these 3 are British creations yet all have referred to the entirety of the subcontinent for thousands of years.

To add, India was the creation of the freedom fighters of 1947. The term "Hindusthan" is Persian referring to lands between Sindh and Hindh (lands East of Sindh). The inhabitants of the land were referred to as "Hindus" by none other than Babar himself. Bharat was referred to in the Mahabharata 2931 times has being the lands spanning from Gandhara (in modern day Afghanistan), Vanga (modern Bengal/Assam), and Rameshwaram/Kanayakumari (Southern tip of India). The name "India" is Greek meaning "people of the Indus." All these creations have been either of Persian, Indian freedom fighters, or old Vedic origin.

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