Silver has been worth it!

Wow your segments per week knock me out. I know that for a lot of people here 4 to 6 per week is not a lot. I fly 100 segments per year and for me that’s a ton. But my point is, don’t be dissuaded by the sub. Silver is fantastic. They are being elitist. That is what Reddit does. I have been silver for several years and I can’t rise above it. And I’m not really that worried about it. Today I got bumped up the first class from a regular seat that I bought from San Antonio to San Francisco. It’s my fifth first class upgrade this year that I paid not one penny for. I always get bumped up to comfort plus. I have never not gotten bumped up to at least comfort plus while I was silver medallion. So just do you. These people really care about their up votes. That should tell you everything you need to know

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