Simple Etiquette of Phantom Forces

I'm a rank 77 alpha tester, so I have experience with the game.

A. You're one of the lowest rank people of this subreddit.

B. How are you an Aplha tester and only rank 27?

○ Shotguns are to be used with moderation.

Man I hate people who say shotguns are nooby. You can clearly see from 3rd person modes if the enemy is holding a shotgun, and if they are it's easy to JUST FUCKING WIDEN THE GAP BETWEEN YOU AND THEM.

○ The M16A3, Aug family, and BFG are to used rarely

Though I agree with you that some of these guns are overpowered, who the fuck are you to tell people what to use and what not to use. If it's in the game it can be used. End of story. Hate the player not the game.

○ Don't camp

Again, who the fuck are you to tell people how to play the game? Everyone has their own play-style, and if you get killed by someone camping, USE FUCKING COMMON SENSE AND GO KILL THEM.

○ Don't spawnkill

Again, who the fuck are you to tell people how to play the game?? It's the fault of the people getting spawnkilled for getting overrun.

○ Do not spam grenades

Again, why the fuck are you trying to tell better and more experienced players how to play the game??


Again, if it's in the game, people can use it. Hate the game not the player.

○ Know the difference between camping and sniping

Just stop telling people how to fucking play the game.

○ Don't immediately assume someone is hacking

I think you are forgetting who you're talking to. This subreddit contains a lot of skilled, elite players. They already know this

○ Know when to stop

Man I don't give a fuck if my playstyle is pissing people off, I choose how I want to play. This isn't CS:GO where there is a single way to play that applies to everyone.


Stop being a controlling bitch trying to tell people who are better than you how to play the game.

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