Simple Haskell is Best Haskell

I would love to see this as well, because I would like to see Haskell remain where it has been, and not marred by the efforts to make it cater to the newbies and unmotivated.

(rant alert)

I am afraid, it is going to happen as the language gets more popular, no matter what. A small bunch of intelligent, experienced people can be easily overwhelmed by a million naive newbies coming straight out of a coding bootcamp or something, with requests to add stupid shit to the language (Hey, why doesn't this implicit coercion work, let us add this to the language. It will be so helpful to the noobs, and help adoption of the language.). Oh, and every one of them is going to expect a insightful, respectful and politically correct discussion. And god forbid, if you said something that does not sit well with this crowd, trust me, there will be a CoC in place to out you from the community. Actually I assume that we can expect that shortly, once this simple Haskell thing becomes popular. Because smart people like that push away stupid people, which is bad, you know. Every one, even the stupid, should feel comfortable spewing their stupidity here, you know.\s

So let us make another language to sacrifice, if that mean saving Haskell from that fate. Let us make a Javascript edition of Haskell.

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