Simple Questions - January 13, 2021

Doing a system rebuild in two stages this year. Stage one is a new CPU, motherboard, and case. A few quick questions:

  1. I'm strongly leaning toward an AM4 mobo and Ryzen 5000 series CPU, anyone wanna make a case for Intel?

  2. I'm torn between the 5600X and its more expensive siblings. Is a 5600X "good enough" to keep up with a 3070 and not be CPU bound in most games? Is it worth spending $150 or $250 extra for additional cores? I don't wanna waste money on an overkill CPU that won't do much for real world gaming performance but I also don't wanna feel like my system is being held back significantly because I cut corners with "only" a 6 core CPU.

  3. I'm really not sure how to pick a case. Seems like there are plenty of nice mid tower ATX cases from reputable brands for ~$100 - is that a reasonable amount to spend on a case? I know there are perfectly good cases for less than that but I'm ok with spending a bit more for build quality, aesthetics, and the convenience of having some good fans pre-mounted. Is there a good reason to consider spending more than that? Anyone wanna recommend a specific brand or model? Tool-less access to open up the case and mount HDDs strongly preferred.

  4. Are the stock heatsinks for Ryzen chips any good? If not, what sort of cooler should I get? I was thinking about trying to fit another ~$100 in my budget for one of those all-in-one liquid cooling heatsink/exhaust fan things.

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