Simple Questions - June 03, 2018

I am about to get this Samsung F350 23.5" PLS monitor.

Data sheet in German (couldn't find it in English)

Pros: decent looking PLS monitor, cheap, good reviews

Cons: no audio jack (will have to plug speakers into PC), wobbly stand (shouldn't be an issue, have a solid desk I don't bump into), higher background glow than some other monitors (I don't think this will bother me)

Basically, I just want to know if I am missing any obvious issues with getting this monitor I haven't thought of. I am running with a AMD 2400G at the moment and when I upgrade to have a dedicated graphics card I am planning to get a second monitor and this one will be for browsing and office stuff with the new one taking over for gaming. It has a VESA mount option so having a dual monitor set-up should be easy.

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