Simple Questions Simple Answers: Patch 9.3

Is there any way to climb in low elo with adc right now? I found out i'm very good at caitlyn micro play and for once i feel like i'm actually playing really well...but it isn't making any difference on the game. If the sup i'm with doesn't troll or afk i usually go 5/0 in lane and get tower pretty fast. But the problem is after that i'm stuck playing against the rest of the enemy. They are always fed. Literally the last 30 games i played I have hard lost the game after laning. I have a 0% winrate in recent match history even though i feel like im playing my champ really well. I'm self peeling and avoiding skills with e and traps. I'm not recklessly dying all over the place from ego after getting kills or running into no vision jg. I'm trying to stick with my team or push out a lane if it's warded. I stay in the backline- I'm not getting hit by cc in the front. I go for objectives. I try to target important people to kill if i'm not being targeted hard myself and having to peel. I'm looking at the map for flanks etc. I ping enemies approaching and baron contests etc. I'm just always dead in 1 second whenever laning is done because someone is one shotting me. Fizz, zed, kayn, yi. They just flash one shot me from far away/over walls. Then the rest of my team just dies and they take baron and end. I can slowly build items like GA or merc scimitar but i'm usually gaining gold super super slowly by the time there's an issue because there's no where to safe farm and i'm just being chased everywhere. Sometimes my 5/0 lead goes from 5/5 so basically all i do after lane is die or sometimes i manage to go like 12/5 but i still just get dash/flash on and 1 shot so we lose the fight lose the towers lose the nexus. I'm like the most frustrated I've ever been because i've never played this well micro before and lose EVERY game. My secondary is mid but i don't enjoy it that much because i feel like i get camped every game in mid.

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