Simple tests show Dual Wield Arms spec 15% better than 2H Arms, what's up with that?

I appreciate the sentiment of this video. Everyone hears arms and thinks of a 2h, but dual wield arms to put up blood frenzy is certainly worth investigating, at least in my eyes (and I main a warrior in classic).

As a bit of feedback, I don't really see why you put up the numbers for using a 2h axe with the dual wield spec or dual wielding in a 2h spec. It's just not really useful information for... anything, really. Obviously, we would expect any build of any class used in an inappropriate situation (i.e. using a 2h but having dual wield talents) to perform poorly, and we shouldn't really care how poorly it performs, because we're never going to be planning to use that build in that situation. Probably just ends up confusing people in the case that they weren't paying attention when you said that it's for a dual wield spec but wielding a 2h weapon.

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