Simple things like this non-interception despite good positioning is what really makes me dislike FIFA sometimes

I have read them (you calling me delusional for one, but I am willing to look past that) and the reason I used controlling player actions in real life as an example is that this the only way you could realistically avoid the game performing actions on behalf of you.

There are probably less than 100 button combinations in this game that are trying to mirror hundred's of thousands worth of body movements/decisions a player could make in real life. The game is limited by pre-set animations obtained through motion capture and bound together with formulaic decision making logic via scripts that provide updates frequently to the game engine loop.

And the fact that you are moaning about missing an interception when there isn't even a button combination for that behaviour, and you are clearly using the jockey input which widens the stance of the defenders legs (which is where the ball went) is even more hilarious.

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