Since you guys believe in 100% laissez-faire economic system, how would another 1930s depression be prevented?

Cronyism requires government, free market capitalism does not.

[Citation needed]

Free market capitalism involves two or more parties voluntarily engaged in a transaction beneficial to each party.

Wow. You're a total idiot. That's like defining "Christianity" as "The belief that murder is wrong," and making zero reference to Jesus Christ. You're not simply incorrect, you're basically on a different planet.

Simply making a voluntary transaction isn't capitalism. Otherwise, all "gift economies" would qualify as capitalism. Do you even know where the term "capitalism" even comes from? Just like "Christianity" is based around Jesus Christ, Capitalism is based around the accumulation of capital goods for the sake of profit.

Cronyism, on the other hand, requires government intervention to limit competition and ensure minimal gains of the provider.

Again, no true Scotsman. How is that any different from all capitalism in general?

For instance, patents laws and copyright laws are a government enforced monopoly. Suppose Ron Paul spends 5 years writing a book, and then sells that book on the market. Then I copy the book word for word, and sell it at a fraction of the price. I'm not a competitor. What's to stop me from doing that? Oh right: Government. Likewise, if a tech company spends $10 billion developing new technology, then what's to stop someone else from simply copying that technology and selling it at a fraction of the cost (since they didn't have to pay for the development)?

But the same also applies to physical goods. When you buy a car, you get a pink slip showing ownership. If there's a dispute, the government will intervene, by picking a winner and a loser. Which is your definition of capitalism.

I apologize for taxing your brain with these points.

I apologize that you're an idiot who vastly overestimates his own intelligence thanks to the Dunning-Kruger effect.. Citing Mises in an economic discussion is like citing Jenny McCarthy in a vaxxer thread.

You're trying to have a discussion of the meaning of capitalism that makes no mention of capital goods. You're an idiot who has no idea what he's talking about, who sees himself as some sort of brilliant mind because that's what idiots do.

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