Since people tend to say “it’s not the breed, it’s the owner” regarding pitbulls/Staffs, why does it seem like pitbulls tend to attack people the most frequently?

It’s a breed that needs an owner that knows the breed, is consistent, knows what the dog needs in training and is willing to do all that. They are not predisposed to violence perse, but they are also not as easy going as a labrador for instance. A stafford will let you know if he is not amused and if you can’t read his body language it is more likely that you will continue to irritate him.. stress will pile up and in the end this breed will be more likely to snap. If you know all this and you are willing to educate yourself and your dog things will probably be fine. Also.. people should pay more attention to what the owner of a dog is telling you. Ask me if you can pet my dog (always a no while on a leash) and if I tell you no.. don’t fucking do it anyway!!

A lot of people have absolutely no idea what type of breed they are getting other then “looks cool”. The dog doesn’t get the owner he needs and is set up to fail from day one. Cute puppies grow up to be 50kg of pure muscle and energy.. you need to realize that when you look at that little face.

It’s like having a special needs kid but constantly asking the same of this kid as you would of any typical kid without special needs. You are setting this kid up to fail if you are to stupid to realize you are doing the complete opposite of what he needs. The sad thing is that staffords and pits are big and strong and they can do serious damage if they grab you. Meanwhile everybody laughs at the angry rant from a teeny tiny chihuahua.. it’s basically the same unacceptable dog behavior that can be trained. But it’s in a small package so it will never get the headlines.

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