Since we're on the topic of JonBenet, is there any actual basis or legitimate "proof" behind the child-sex ring theory? Or is it purely speculation?

Sexism, racism, or any kind of rabid view can very quickly lead an investigator into murky waters. That is a fact and you are right to state it.

That being said, I don't personally believe that Patsy was involved in any sexual abuse. Do I have any concrete evidence to support that? No. My money is still on either John or Burke.

I do believe unflinchingly, due to the evidence that I've outlined in my previous comments, that she was involved in the cover - up. I DO NOT believe that she was an evil person, or a bad mother. I believe that she was confronted with something horrifying that threatened to take away her whole world and all of her security. I believe she was put into a situation not of her own making, and that she acted out of sheer desperation and panic. She's passed away now, and I hope that she is at peace.

I can't imagine what she must have gone through, both losing her beloved daughter and knowing that either John or Burke were responsible. It doesn't even bear thinking about. I feel a lot of empathy for her. R.I.P.

She was culpable in the 'cover up', and she did that to protect what remained of her family, her life. If she had called the police on her own family - JB would still be dead. It wouldn't change anything. She just would've lost more family members. I'm not saying that what she did was right morally speaking - but I also wonder what other people who malign her memory would've done in that same same instant of that same horrifying realisation?

As an analogy - you're at sea on a yacht, and a heavy story comes up. Your daughter gets hit by the boom or whatever that swingy part of the mast is, and is knocked unconscious. Then a huge wave comes and she is lost to the sea. Your husband and son have gotten the lifeboat into the water and are asking you to leave the sinking yacht. It's dark, and the waves themselves are about to murder all of you if you don't get to shore post - haste.

What would you do? It's very easy to throw stones at other people until you're actually there and your whole life goes to shit in one second.

I think Patsy deserves more pity than she gets. She had a decision to make, and she made the only rational decision available to her.

According to my belief system, I believe that the true killer will be judged, in this life or the next. True justice in the eyes of God cannot be escaped, because God sees everything. That's what I know anyway.

It's just a very sad story in all respects.

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