Singh calls on Trudeau to part ways with U.S., Brazil on Venezuela crisis | CBC News

Was he a good a good lawyer? He was a criminal defence lawyer from what I understand.....

With the Colton Boushie case, after the verdict came out; he basically said peremptory challenges were to blame, and they were wrong and bad.... but a good lawyer would use them.

Singh said he's used peremptory challenges in his career as a criminal defence lawyer. So in those cases they were okay???

Here you see he’d consider doing away with them.

In it he says Such a discussion,"creates an opportunity to talk about how do we make a jury that truly reflective of the people, that increases confidence in our justice system, that gives us results that we can have faith in."

But now that the public out cry from that case is over I don’t know how much of a discussion has happened, if any at all!! If he went back to being a lawyer would he use peremptory challenges after saying that they were bad?

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