Single father of Reddit. What are some hardships you have to endure that people don't seem to understand?

Well im not a single father but my dad was called A cuck by his friends, my mother lietrally severed all his relationships With their friends by spreading sensitive Info, He had to Work from 6am to 6pm Daily for 1 1/2 years and Then make supper, clean house He'd go to sleep around 10pm Every Night and wake up at 4am, he Developed Depression (I Was around 9 Or 10 back then) He couldnt even afford a therapyst, He was an engineer with a lot of debt (my mother was addicted to gambling, much better now she made over 10000$ of debt from that alone and 2house payments+2cars+my expenses without child support, all this amounted to roughly 2 million ZAR which is a lot of money) so my father had to endure roughly 2 years of depression, poverty, isolation (except for coworkers and me his son, he has 1 good friend left tho), so a lot of his friends deserted/abandoned him while he needed them the most, people called him a cheap bastard for not being able to properly raise his child, people called him a woman abuser (he slapped my mother once, she's hit him over 5 times I've seen, she's done this in public), whilst financing his ex wife's (who ruined his life) car and helping her with rent, he lost a lot of trust at his workplace, (my mother came in one day in the middle of the day while married and sweared at him and insulting him very vocally)

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