Single ladies: how did you spend your weekend?

Spent most of the first day recovering from the stress of the job, was in bed most of that rainy day, did some journaling, watched tv. Texted with my buddies. Cooked a decent meal from scratch. Spent the night researching information about changing to a certain job field and reading about education requirements.

Today I slept in because I was up late, ate, stretched, went for a long walk and a jog, had a beer on the back porch, played games online with some buddies, ate dinner, zoom call with another group of buddies I hadn't "seen" since all this started.

I am off work 3 days and on 4, so the next day will be laundry, grocery store, meal prep, maybe another jog, watching tv and/or video games, video or phone calls and texts with family and friends, picking up a musical instrument for a bit, reading, chillin on the back porch, idk, whatever I have time for and feel like doing, preparing for another work week.

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