This is the single largest % drop we've seen in a while. I think it's their one last attempt to throw everything they've got at GME to lower the price in time for Marge N.'s phone call. HODL!

No, I truly believe in the stock, and have averaged up every time I bought. My cost average is still well below where we’re sitting. I’m not risking a lot averaging up.

I gauge where I think the dip will be/ where I don’t want it to close below. I saw the dip, and realized that it was a very good price for me to get shares at, and keeping my cost average lower when I do average up. I put my limit buy at $160. If it dips that low, I get the share at a great price/ help keep it above $160, if it doesn’t then it was just a safety net/ I have enough shares already.

The whole thing about GME is holding. I have more than I thought I would at this point by doing that, and I’ve increased my profits this way. Days like this are nothing if you’ve been here since the beginning.

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