Single mom

Yeah that’s what I figured about the money. Which is okay, just sucks. Also not a chance he would get full custody over me. And i don’t want full custody anyway because I want our kids to see both parents equally. But if that’s the case then he would pay child support right?

Also my parents have any debts including their home and my mom is obsessed with the house. I think she’s sell her own home before selling this one. And like I said I plan on working and I have a degree so I think once I get a job I should be fine. Finding a job especially during this pandemic is another story. Another user commented a bunch of useful programs that should be helpful during the in between time. And they even have a program to help with mortgage by reducing or halting payments while looking for work.

It’s sad that we live in a society where both parents are obligated to work if they want to live a good life. And that the assumption is that only rich couples can have a parent stay home with the kids. We found that that it wasn’t as hard as it was made out to seem and that we couldn’t but new cars or go on fancy trips but the time spent with our children had been well worth that times a thousand. And what’s most sad is that if two people have children together and one person agrees to work and support the other that the non working parent can be left without anything at the drop of the hat. But I get it. The law is black and white. They can’t distinguish between our agreement and whatnot. But being a stay at home mom is a job and should be recognized as such in situations like this

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