Single Moms who found love,what's the story?

(story does not have a traditional happy ending)

Single mum of 2 - husband left on younger kids 5th birthday. A few months later a guy I used to work with got very drunk and messaged me. We stayed up all night talking and we both admitted that we had had a crush on each other when we worked together. He was in a relationship at the time.

A few weeks later I get another message and he is now single. We go out on the most amazing date of my life at a little pub by the canal where we stayed watching the sunset and talking until midnight. His friends called him and invited him to a party, he didn't want the night to end so he invited me along to meet all his friends. We stayed up all night talking and laughing, with his arm around me. As the party started winding down he invited me back to his place and I went. We got to his and I was nervous as hell, he took me up to bed, kissed me, undressed me, pulled into bed with him and wrapped himself around me, he kissed my forehead and we fell asleep together.

We woke up and had the most mind blowing sex he brought me tea just how I like it and we spent the whole day in bed talking and laughing and kissing. I went and picked up the kids, before I had got home he had messaged me asking when we could see each other again. I paid £60 to get a babysitter for the next night and we went to a movie and dinner.

We spent every free minute together when I didn't have the kids for the next few months, every time more amazing than the last. After 6 weeks we were at one of his friends house and I got so drunk I was throwing up and was just totally messed up. He put me to bed kissed me and told me that he loved me more than he ever thought it was possible to love someone.

After 3 months I officially introduced him to the kids and they got on so amazingly. After 4 months together he went on holiday with his family for a week. When he got back from the holiday he came straight to mine. My ex husband had come over and was screaming at me and assaulting me in front of the children, trashing the house and taking whatever he wanted. He took the kids into another room made sure they were okay and got him out of the house and then sat there and held the 3 of us until we had all stopped crying. He moved in that night.

4 wonderful, difficult, tough, happy, sad, love filled years later we decided to split. Being a full time parents we never got any time together and when we did get a night together just us 2 we were both so exhausted from work and life in general we just slept. We grew apart over the years by both focusing on the children and our careers and everything other than each other. We became best friends who lived together. He is the most amazing father figure and has made such a difference to all of our lives.

He moved out mid last year. Circumstances meant that things just wouldn't work between us, we tried as hard as we could we are just too different and we couldn't resolve the lack of time to spend on our relationship. He is in a new relationship with an awesome woman and we are best friends. We talk most days, he is still a massive part of my children's lives and they all adore each other. His new partner is was hesitant at first about him still being so involved but she has turned out to be pretty awesome about it all. We are all going out for dinner and drinks in a week or two. His family are amazing and still class themselves as grandparents and aunties and uncles and I speak to them just as much now as I did when I was with their son.

The kids know they can also rely on him and his family as much as they can me (unfortunately not their actual father) and that they aren't going anywhere from their lives or mine. I know I can rely on him and I know that if one of us ever needs the other then we will be there.

So its a love story, just not the normal one you read about. We are best friends and that is a very special kind of love that isn't romantic love.

I found love, the love changed and now I'm looking for romantic love again - I wont ever give up on finding my lobster

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