Sinn Féin voters:

The OP mentions Paul Quinn, but it also mentions wider paramilitary links. This is also alluded to in my own comment where I explicitly say legitimate terrorist links.

Now I'm not sure what your level of education is, but I can safely assume that you know the difference between one and many. Yes?

My allusion to wider terrorist links doesn't solely relate to the Quinn case, it relates to the 1800+ civilian murders that have been confirmed to have been committed by the IRA. This solitary case is a drop in the ocean compared to the blood on the hands of these guys.

Sinn Féin may be trying to improve their image by having Gerry Adams step down as leader, the man who held a senior position in the IRA for years I might add, but only fools and goldfish will think they've cleaned up their act in the space of a year and a half. The links are still there, and the evidence is on their own website with the unabashed sale of IRA merch.

So, in conclusion, you're fucking retarded. To criticize my own reading comprehension (99th percentile HPAT score in Reading Comprehension section) when your mind doesn't register/understand the use of a plural noun is both laughable and embarrassing.

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