Sir David Attenborough says it’s ‘too late’ to reverse climate change | 11-year-old had written in to ask what the worst thing to happen in his life would be ‘if we don’t tackle climate change’. Sir David replied: ‘I think civil unrest on a great scale, and mass migration on a great scale."

And yet every single BANK in the entire world is happy to lend money for 25 year and 40 year mortgages on prime beach property throughout the western world!

Think about that and let it sink in.

Oceans aren’t rising 10 to 30 feet in our lifetime ladies and gentlemen. Stay scared and afraid and do nothing about it, because you likely don’t have to.

Or go listen to some more nonsense Prince Charles and spewing alongside Attenborough.

Better yet go watch ‘an inconvenient truth’ (which was mandatory viewing in UK schools no less) and have a good hard review of the timelines and dates. Pretty sure the worst was going to happen five years ago :-) fuck all of this !

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