Sir Winston Churchill’s family begged him not to convert to Islam, letter reveals

islamophobia isn't exactly rational, many of the arguments used by islamophobes are rooted in generalisations, ignorance, fear, irrationality and even prejudice.

Muslims are an immensely diverse group of people, islamophobia homogenizes their and their beliefs into a single easily condemnable unit.

The truth is there are all kinds of Muslims, an Albanian muslim is quite different from a Sudanese muslim which is different from an Indonesian muslim which is different from a Saudi muslim. A shia is different, from a salafist, which is different from a salafist-jihadist which is different from a sufi which is different from a koranist which is different from a sunni which is different from a non-denominationalist which is different from a cultural muslim. When you talk about islam you are talking about a really very diverse range of beliefs and practices. Pretty much the only thing they have in common are the five pillars. When you condemn that religion and you are condemning peoples beliefs, remember you haven't asked those people what those beliefs are you have decided for them and you will be condemning people for based on your opinion about their belief system not their actual belief system, you will be condemning them for behaviours they might not exhibit, you will be condemning them for attitudes you think they hold. Islam has been with us for 1300 years and are of course as influenced by local cultures. There is a wiki page on islamic schools and branches

There is fundamental tenet of justice in the western world and that is everyone is treated as an individual. Every single muslim on this planet is an individual with their own politics, their own lives, their own backgrounds, their own influences, their own religious beliefs. They are all individuals and they deserve to be respected as such. If there is one thing you can say about British people is we value fairness. If you value fairness then islamophobia makes no sense at all.

If you still doubt what I'm saying, start a twitter account and add some muslims and just listen to what they are saying on a day to day basis, start with someone like Tariq Ramadan who is professor of Theology at Oxford University and start adding some of his followers and then check out what they are saying on a daily basis. You may find a marked difference between the language used by religious Muslims and the language used by the likes of Anjem Choudary.

You won't understand Muslims if you don't listen and if your default position is islamophobia you really don't understand Muslims.

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