Siri: Lots has been said about Siri getting worse over time. I find her interpretations are beyond bad, moving on to "bizarre."

Siri was wonderful five years ago or so but the digital assistant scene has grown and the competition hasn't been resting. Its a disappointment now. Whenever Apple announces some improvements they are only marginal or novelties like now with more sass!

It has a long way to go in terms of better feature ubiquity, contextual interpretation, etc but I think my biggest headaches are just with simple phrase recognition. I enunciate fine and it hears whole sentences I didn't even say. Sometimes I have to talk like a loud robot to have my commands captured correctly and having to resort to that just makes a digital assistant pointless, so I seldom use Siri anymore and disabled it on my new AirPods too.

Google's voice recognition is insane! I don't own any Google products so my only taste of it is through voice searches on the Youtube iOS app but its on point every single time. I don't need to talk like an automaton at max volume and I can throw the most obscure keywords at it and it almost always knows what I'm looking for.

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