Site blocking laws could drag VPNs into the anti-piracy net

But the ALP stacked the former NBN board with cronies

Please provide proof about the ALP stacking the former NBN board with cronies.

Turnbull correctly criticised the former ALP-appointed NBN board for lacking telco network construction experience. The LNP-appointed board has previously been critized with lacking network construction experience, Liberal party ties and being ex-Telstra executives.

and just tried to spend as much money as they could.

Labor originally estimated the NBN would cost $37.4 billion. Turnbull claimed that it would cost more than $90 billion. This later turned out to be a lie. The cost of the Labor NBN version was later revised to be $55.9 billion.

The Liberal version of the NBN was estimated to cost $29.5 billion. Add the 30-year copper rental of almost $100 billion and it ends up costing almost $130 billion.

So, $55.9 billion for the Labor version or $130 billion for the Liberal version?

Since we're now pursuing the Liberal NBN solution, what happens after the 30 years? Will the contract be extended again? Will the government of the day have to foot the bill to finish a network started about 30 years earlier?

The whole idea that people need NBN is a joke. The country is huge, the infrastructure is poor. Internet is not the priority when spending money on infrastructure. Firstly, the NBN is infrastucture just as Telstra's copper and fibre network is.

Secondly, the NBN can reduce the load on public infrastructure.

I'll use myself as an example. I work from home a few days a week and VPN into the office which means less demand on our roads, parking, public transport and child-care. My co-workers and I come into the office several days a week just for meetings between ourselves and other sites along with doing some work that is too demanding for our current ADSL internet connections. With NBN we would no longer need to rent office space saving our company money. Currently the office space is rented and minimally staffed for part of the week.

Most of the people in the bush still work real (offline) jobs. The money that is saved from the less demand on metro/CBD infrastructure could be spent on country infrastructure instead.

real (offline) jobs. This is offensive. I'm a software programmer and worked on projects in the past that have quite possibly assisted you at some stage without you even realising it.

I have great respect for people who work in the country having come from a family who has worked the land for multiple generations.

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