A site to review working for a company that ISN'T Glassdoor - For a local Boston Restaurant.

I just made a different post about it in r/KitchenConfidential so I'll just cut and paste here....

So, I've been having some sort of... internal crisis I guess, and I have decided instead of focusing on a new kitchen position, I should focus on getting a job where I REALLY want to work. So... I did what all of us poor kitchen shlubs do, and jumped on Criagslist.

So, I found a place with a chef I REALLY would LOVE to work with. I wrote them a BANGING cover letter, and it must have worked, because within 30 minutes, I received an email back from their "Hiring Manager".

"Can you talk today?"

I wrote back INSTANTLY (cause hell all my email comes to my phone anyway) and said, YES! Any time today, please, call me!!!

No call. (This was Monday)

Next day I write back - "Hey I never heard from you, I'm still REALLY interested, please let me know when we can talk."

He writes back, "How about tomorrow?"

I write back, Tomorrow is GREAT! Anytime, give me a call (this is now being set up for Wednesday).

Wednesday rolls around... No call.

I write back AGAIN the next day, Hey I didn't hear from you, I am super interested, whats up? Do you want to speak on the phone?

All this time, I have been super polite, as I am really interested in working with the chef.

So he says, YES! I want to talk, lets talk Friday at noon.

Friday at noon rolls around... and guess what, NO call. Well, I had a stage at another restaurant that afternoon (started around 1:45). So the guy actually ends up calling me around 2pm, but I can't talk, because I'm staging. I didn't finish until close to 10 that evening, so I obviously did not call the guy back when I was done.

I ended up not taking the job I staged for, because I just didn't feel it was a good fit. I am extremely thankful that I am able to be so picky about where I want to work.

Last night I was thinking about this some more, and I decided to see if I could find the chef's email address and email him directly, because regardless of this hiring manager being a total dick, I still want to work for this chef. So I did a bit of googling, and found the hiring manager for the other restaurant the chef owns.

I wrote a very polite email, stating what happened with the hiring manager of the first place, and how I was super interested in working there. Well, not even 20 minutes later, I get an email from the first guy. I guess the other email was bogus and he gets all of the emails, because he made reference to what I spoke about in the new email. He told me I basically "Stood him up" for another interview, in which he called TWO hours late for, and I 'Double Booked him'. It was... it was really pretty fucking rude. He did state that we may have 'gotten off on the wrong foot' and would I like to speak on Wednesday (today).

I sucked it up, and wrote back a very polite email, letting him know I would be interested in talking. I think its about a 20% chance the guy will ACTUALLY call me.

I've been working in kitchens for almost 20 years, and I have never ever dealt with this kind of bullshit before. Everyone in my area bitches about not being able to find ANY decent help beyond line cooks, and I just cannot even believe the way people treat potential employees here.

I'm beyond frustrated, and doubting I did the right thing. I really want to write to this guy and tell him to go fuck himself.... but that's probably not a good idea. Or is it?

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