Why is SJH still in the show???

not that she needs old PD to help her but rather than new PD cum old secondary PD (the chubby dude) having lousy editing skills where the episodes he produces is not distributed correctly and evenly.

Chubby PD episode would focus too much on JSJ, while YJS, KJK, LKS, JSJ would appear for most of the time, exposure for HH, YSC is rather lesser compare the five mains as they are like the side-liners. SJH is only when it is her game time, or when she laughing at the members jokes (often is wide-screen camera rather than her personal camera).

In conclusion, if you are long time RM fan that been watching since ages ago or you are binge watcher, one can clearly see the differences in the quality of the episodes produces by current PD (iron min) and chubby PD.

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