SJW student politician: "fuck you white person"

Keep in mind the SJW that identifies as Arab, is actually white (and so are a big majority -though not all- of Arab folks barring tan... and they often refer to themselves as white).

Rich privileged white trust fund sjw kids see the world as two kinds of people: the whites, and the "rest" which is everything that's not the same as those rich privileged white sjw kids lumped up together, apartheid-style (even their "colored people of color" is a relic of that ugly era), whom are "oppressed" and need their divine deus ex machina "colonial white man"-archetype intervention as their sole way out of a shitty existence. No one is illuminated, no one has judgement, no one has good intentions, but the illuminated SJW elite. They are fixated on race, and trying to legitimize hatred and racism when against the "right ones", hence why they are the truest and ugliest racists, even moreso than the openly racist extreme right wing parties they pretend to oppose.

This person is a Shrödinger white. Arabs (and Asians, for that matter) are either deemed "whites" (TARGETS TO SHIT ON) when they do stuff that doesn't please SJWs ("these countries need to change stuff I don't like here because i find it triggering" about stuff made in Japan for example), or "people of color" (POOR OBJECTS OF PITY Waiting for being rescued by SJ superheroes "Thorina") when SJWs want to attack other whites or police some speech or manufacture some fake outrage ("word Orient/waifu is offensive!" "Stop appropriating (stuff)!!"). Being blacker than black won't save you from being called a white scum the instant the cult unearths the ratchet of war on you.

By being a strong wymen, and playing the sosjus game for her own personal advancement, she's being on their good side, aka the "people of color" side. And their brand of social justice requires, and thrives even, on racism.

And here you have it.

Immigration doesn't seem like it has a direct relation with this particular issue (but it very well has with "ex"-terrorist humanity-haters being given political asylum in an irresponsible fashion instead of rotting in a prison like they deserve... some of that issue overlaps with how sosjus people just to spite "white people", go on and defend the undefendable to save these people from "oppression" by legal system - but that's another matter.

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