A Sketchy Baby

No disrespect to anything you're saying as your points are very valid, but I think you're directing your comments to the wrong person since I'm not selling this art piece. All I did was to point out on what Scott commented on the issue since I recall this being said years ago:

"It's still important to clear up the misconception that selling infringing products on sites like RedBubble is legal. It's not; it's just difficult to enforce."

I thought Scott was against FNaF content being sold on sites like RedBubble because they're unlicensed. He's really notorious for protecting his IP to the point of going after the makers of The Dolls and CASE: Animatronics. The Dolls originally played like FNaF while CASE:A's antagonist originally resembled Freddy. Not in an attempt to sue them, but rather ask them to change up their game up a bit.

Then again, I'm not the one to judge since I'm not Scott and can't say if Dusky can sell this piece or not. As Scott said himself "it's not legal to sell infringing products on sites like Redbubble, it's just difficult to enforce it". All I did was to point out that Scott has commented on this situation before and was worried about him finding out about this. I wasn't saying that to be mean to anyone, but I apologize if I came off like that.

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