Skill in Yugioh: A Discussion (A Response to AznEyesWhiteDragon)

Look man, I dipped out of this game a long time ago but it's easy. There is no skill. And if you can argue that there is, the difference between a low tier and top tier player is relatively nonexistent.

For the record:

A Big part of this point is that he basically only got to the top tables because he was playing ABC. He didn’t put any thought into deck building and just played what was popular. If this was the case why would he even know Prime’s effect? Often the card is only used as a stepping stone to Lightning. I even admit myself I had no idea what it's detach effect was. He legitimately knew the effect and knew this was the situation to use it in. He just made a mistake and didn’t activate BoE. Now the video even shows that he got up and walked away out of frustration. He had recognized that he made a mistake. Mistakes happen. You never want to be the one who made the mistake, but it does happen.

This entire paragraph completely undermines your entire message. You're trying to say there is skill but you're flat out saying this guy netdecked, jumped on a band wagon, played a deck he didn't fully understand, and got top four.

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