Skills going on cooldown / not working properly is the number 1 priority

playing with broken skills feels like playing dark souls without rolling, or god of war without atreus

I'm not a developer, I'm not a coder, and I'm mediocre at this game at best, but 80% of skills not being usable is a fundamental handicap to the play experience, and as I climb higher into the levels I'm really starting to feel it.

what if they just quick patched in the temporary removal of skill cooldown timers all together? or deactivated all skill cooldown perks on gear, if that's contributing to it as some think. what's the worst that happens, people run around with a drone that never times out? it'll get shot down eventually...

I'm sure by now they have at least figured out something, whether total or partial, what's wrong and how to start fixing it.

is it worth waiting another week to at least start the process?


An agent who can't wait to finish being responsible for the day and get back to DC, no matter the state of the game

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