Skimpy armour isn't a one way street.

Yo, I'll break it down for you:

It's not actually about realism or skimpiness or whatever. All discussions of armor, or fantasy, or realism, etc, etc.... is just pretext for the actual issue, which is whether or you want to fuck the characters, and who wants to fuck the characters.

The skimpy armor on female characters is a way of making straight boys want to fuck them. Straight girls do not want to the fuck the female characters. Straight girls do not want to pretend to be the female characters.

Straight girls want characters that they will want to fuck. And characters that they want to pretend to be. Gay guys too. Also Lesbians. That's a different can of worms, but you can extrapolate from there.

When you look at Ursula from The Little Mermaid, or maybe this dancer from Okami, are you like "omg so sexy!!!" just because they are not wearing much? Prob not.

The examples you posted are like that. They're like, 1/10 would not bang. The artists who drew them were probably not going for sex appeal, or if they were they are hella failing at it or only succeeding at turning on a very tiny percentage of people with non-standard tastes.

When that FF Mevius article was posted it was a big deal cause the MC was hella sexy. And straight boys could pick up on the sexy--that's why they were whining about FF Mevius, and and not the characters you posted. Only instead of articulating it as "oh no, he's sexy and I now know what it feels like for a male character to be objectified for female consumption!" they were like "THIS IS SO GAAAAYYYYY" because no critical thought was going into it and because straight boys suck at understanding what straight girls want to fuck.


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