[Skin Concerns] No acne at all, just a very dull, pale, colorless face. What do I do?!

I’m very pale, and sometimes my face looks much paler and really dull and it makes me look unwell. I sometimes get that yellowish tinge to my skin. Apart from that, I’m generally really happy with my skin - no acne, and my acne scars have almost totally faded.

The most helpful things with the dullness and paleness, for me, are: using brightening masks, the right moisturiser, when necessary just freshening it up extra during the day, and staying well hydrated. When I don’t drink enough water, my entire complexion becomes horrible.

My favourite products are Dior’s Hydra Life range. I’ve been using them for 5 years and know that they work for me. My favourite mask lately is their Glow Better Jelly Mask. It’s a chemical and mechanical exfoliant, and I use it twice a week, just leaving it on for a couple of minutes. Their hydrating essence and sorbet creme are what I use to moisturise 5 nights a week. Everyone’s skin is different and responds to products differently, and I have friends who don’t like these products, but they are excellent for me.

When I’m not wearing makeup, I’ll often just wipe over my face once or twice throughout the day with micellar water. This is especially necessary for me when it’s hot, humid, or my skin just has a gross feeling. I just need to freshen it up and I’m good.

Whenever I‘m not doing these things, I notice a difference pretty quickly. If I skip masks, my skin is still pretty good, but the masks definitely bring it to the next level.

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