Slackware 14.2 is released!

That only applies to someone who's actually a programmer or who can hire a programmer.

So does the value of decoupling. The supposed benefits only apply to users if developers are willing implement alternate versions of the components.

I'm just saying systemd violates UNIX philosophy and that makes it bad software.

What one thing does the Linux kernel do well? Should Firefox be composed of independent, interchangeable components?

There is undoubtedly a cost to forking, but there is also an enormous cost to the working through the interfaces necessary to build a decoupled system. Look at the bastion of the UNIX philosophy: text is the universal interface. That works for small tasks but no one is doing serious work with text interfaces because the cost of serialization (both for performance and compatibility) is way too high.

If the people behind systemd had any actual Unix-development skills, ...

How does regurgitating a ad-hominem arguments add anything of substance to the conversation?

Now to do the same thing...

Of course, it's not at actually the same thing at all. But the nuance of the difference was clearly less valuable that scoring cheap internet points.

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