slahser's way: Silencer

As a dirty dirty silencer picker, I really like this guide. I was never a fan of aghs refresher build as it kinda sticks you in an unpleasant place.

I'll definately have to keep this build in mind. One of the build I like to use for silencer is for a mid silencer. You get at least one point in Curse of the Silent. During the landing stage mid unless you get a gank from a support, you probably aren't going to kill the other mid with glaives and last word alone. Most people In my experience and bracket, 3300-3400, don't really pay attention to how many levels curse has and just blows a spell to not take the pittance of damage at level one. And that allows you to drain their mana from their own mistake.

Like Slahsers build you almost always want to Max last word first. The damage is solid at level 4 and the cool down is decreased immensly. And of course the silence and disarm duration increases as well.

Glaives you want to to max 2nd or last depending on the situation. Max it first if you are the 1st position core or your opponents can't be hurt too much from casual curses during team fights/laneing . IE bristleback, pugna, undying. Late game you will melt people with glaives if they don't have BKB. And don't be afraid to pick up an MKB.

Global silence level up normally. It's good, use it. Save your teammates with it or counter initiate.

Item builds with silencer are very flexible. Most of us have heard of the aghs refresher build so I'll skip that. a silencer with an early Mek can be amazing and he has the mana pool for it. Force staff/blink/euls/Shadowblade all have a valid point to offer. Force staff gives more INT and health regen and the power to push allies and enemies. A must have for a techies game.

Blink is good because it's a blink. It's good. Only downside is that if you are the focus in a team fight, which you probably will be if the enemy team has half a chromosome, you can't escape. Which is usually why I go force instead.

Euls I love on silencer, gives you a way to purge one of the things that makes life difficult for silencer, silences. Also increases mana regen, movement speed and gives you a pittance of intelligence. 8/10

Shadow blade, while I can see its merits, I would recommend least. Not because it's a bad item, but because it's easily counterable. If you can pull of a shadow blade though and your opponents don't like detection, you'll have a gay old time.

Those are really the main items for silencer. Most everything else works on him.

MKB For evasion whores, AC for more DOS, shivas for more int and CC. Dagon for being cheeky, atos to complete your AUI cosplay, the list goes on.

I didn't realize this would be this long. Hope you get something from it.

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