[Slasher] Unintentionally, certain game/culture journalists from sites like Kotaku and Polygon ran with Ellie’s removal without proper due diligence, now a recurring problem for the media’s esports coverage. All to the detriment of the serious issue of women facing harassment in games.

As a fellow gaming journo (don't crucifiy me, please) it hurts to read these articles. They had limited information on the case but they went with the sexism narrative. They NEVER run with any narrative in their articles if they have no safe sources. But when it comes to sexism, they will always jump and white knight the shit out of it.

This whole affair is so terrible. Women are being marginalized. Women do have a hard time in games. Women do have a hard time in online games like Overwatch (more in America than EU, AU or elsewhere, but that is another debate entirely).

But the writing was on the wall, it was a dude playing and not a woman trying to stay anonymous. There were major questions from minute one and these mags completely ignored them. Wondering if those mags will hurt the good cause of equality in the long run more than they helped.

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