SleepEZ and coils in the midst of this NEST debacle

Oh yes friend, marketing scams are everywhere. like in this thread, are great examples of that. Latex and DIY. so this guy Ken, he used to working for this failed MLM venture called Buzzirk Emobile Associates. Now Ken decided he was gonna be sneaky

wow he has 3 websites on his LinkedIn. is the important one to focus. so then go to and you see SLEEPEZ owns it. so basically scam is build a fake reddit. 11 years right? guess when Ken started his business, Arizona Premium mattress. holy moly. so now you got scum who are selling the same products from the same guy being "experts" who swoop in and take advantage of the DIY or people terrified of being ripped off. there's so much evidence check out this guy's quote btw on LinkedIn. Specialties: My expertise is internet promotion of my products. My web sites are usually in the top 5 on google for our specific niche which is latex mattresses. Classy guy, so basically anything that is recommended here is SUS. They have "experts". I keep asking why there are RETAILERS in faq. You can buy latex anywhere.

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